Tissue marking dye for histological specimens

Tissue marking dye for histological specimens

XMark Tissue marking dye

CellPath’s Tissue Marking Dye is for permanently marking surgical tissue margins in Histological specimens.

Tissue Marking Dyes are available in 9 colours with a standard viscosity across the range. Compared to competitor products, this ensures that there is less variation in viscosity from one colour to another and allows the easy marking on both small and large specimens. The viscosity is also optimised to give users an easy to apply dye without any dripping or running. XMark is purposely engineered to reduce viscosity on specimen application achieving an even coverage of dye.

High concentrations of pigment in the dye results in a highly durable marking and easy application to diagnostic specimens.
XMarks coats the specimen tissue surface with minimal penetration while its strong adhesion qualities mean the marking dye will not interfere with diagnostic interpretations, making it ideal for radical prostatectomies.

The nine dye colours are easy to distinguish reducing potential errors and ensures that the colour shown on the bottle label (macroscopic colours) match the colour observed under the microscope for each marked margin.
Unlike other dyes available on the market, CellPath’s range are non-hazardous, negating the need for any special requirements during use.

Key Benefits:

  • Emulsified pigments are blended perfectly with an aqueous base to provide a consistent and high-quality product every time
  • Chemical and heat resistance to formalin, alcohols, xylene and wax provides clear visibility both prior and after tissue processing
  • A 3-4 minute drying time improves laboratory workflow at the cut-up bench
  • Non-flammable
  • Available in either 60ml or 250ml round neck, induction sealed bottles with a standard flip top lid


The XMark Tissue marking dye is available in the following colours:
black, red, orange, yellow, green, teal, blue, violet und magenta

Gewebemarkierungsfarbe XMark in 9 Farben

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