Opti Brush – Cell sample collection instrument

Opti Brush – Cell sample collection instrument

Opti Brush - Instrument zur Entnahme von Zellproben

Opti Brush – Simultaneous collection of cell samples from endocervix and ectocervix

The Opti Brush is a cell sampling instrument for the simultaneous extraction of cytological cell material from the endocervix and ectocervix.

It consists of a brush (endocervix) and a spatula (ectocervix).

Opti Brush - Geeignet für die Dünnschicht Zytologie

Suitable for conventional cytology by smearing on a microscope slide …

Opti Brush - Geeignet für konventionelle Zytologie

… or for Thin Film Cytology by rinsing or removing the brush head.

It combines the use of brush and spatula for the safe removal of endo- and ectocervix cells.

Thus the Opti Brush fulfils the cancer early detection guidelines of the Federal Ministry of Health and Social Security of 08.11.2017 in a particularly suitable way.

Your advantages:

  • only one penetration/working cycle through combination of brush and spatula in one instrument
  • low slime absorption
  • more representative cells
  • more reliable diagnosis
Opti Brush - Technische Ansicht Instrument zur Zellprobenentnahme

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