Microscope Slides for

different applications

  • Manufacturing in accordance with ISO 8037-1
  • Microscope Slides made of Soda-lime glass
  • Standard size: 76 x 26 mm, thickness: approx. 1mm
  • Twin frosted ends in 20mm, 15mm and 10mm
  • Well cleaned and ready for use
  • Other dimensions and thicknesses on request
  • Suitable for common printing systems
  • Applicable for manual and automated dyeing procceses
  • Label field available in 6 colours, special colours on request
  • 50pcs. in a box, 2500 or 5000 in a shippin carton

Caution: The colour representation at your screen can differ to the colouring of the products.


Microscope Slides are available with cut or ground edges. Cut edges remain untreated and are primarily used in manual processes.

Microscope slides with ground edges are suitable for automated dyeing, coverslipping and printing processes, because of their different designs. Ground edges can avoid cuttings of the user.

Cut edge

Ground 90°

Ground 45°




Soda-lime glass

The slides are manufactured from soda-lime glass with the so called float process and are particularly suitable for medical laboratories. Other dimensions, thicknesses or glass material on request.



Labeling fields



Slides are available without frosted ends. They are used predominantly for blood smears.



Frosted Ends


The double frosted ends are on the front and backside of the slide. Frosted ends can be manufactured by grinding or etching.



Coloured ends


The slides are available with a coloured end. Operators can classify the colour coding to person, disease or anything else. These slides are suitable for common printing systems and labeling with pens.




Slides: Adhesive and Advanced Adhesive

The special surface treatment with silane-coating forms permanent, free polar bonds on the surface, which also through electrostatic attraction ensures cell-and-tissue-adhesion and supports the forming of covalent bonds between the tissue and the glass surface.


Tissue and cell substrates stick rapidly on our adhesive slides without using further adhesives or protein coating media. This saves costly and time consuming preparation-techniques.


The advantage of our adhesive slides is the restriction of the adhesive coating to the top surface of our slides and therefore to the usable area only. On our adhesive slides the under side is untreated therefore the slides do not tend to stick when stacked or transported and difficulties with marking are also avoided.

Our adhesive slides do not show striae and disturbing background colouration such as the blue or red background obtained with Haematoxylin and Eosin-staining of tissues, or the brown background obtained during the Immunoperoxidase or In-situ-DNS-Hybridisation process.

The adhesive slides are free of RNS-ase and thermally treatable up to 120°C.

Adhesive | Art.-no.: 11250



Advanced Adhesive | Art.-no.: 11270.


Slides with reaction fields

Special microscope slides with reactions fields printed in black for medical diagnostics. Further colours are white, red, green and blue. 45° ground edges and available with or without frosted ends. The Epoxy- or PTFE-coatings of our diagnostic slides are highly resistant to nearly all the common solutions used in laboratories without changing their hydrophobic function and are prepared for multiple uses e.g. in autoclaves.

Furthermore diagnostic slides can be provided with a hydrophylic coating. It helps to pick up and fix tissues as well as body fluids without adding mounting media or protein coatings.

Diagnostic slides can be manufactured in small quantitites on request.


see leaflet


90° Corners


Slides are available with cut or ground corners. The choice of the edge is decisive!



90° Clipped Corners


Slides with 90° clipped corners are particularly suiatable for automated processes.  Always note the specification of the manufacturer!


45° Corners


The corners of 45° grounded slides are always rounded because of the special grinding. This is as well applied for slides with bevelled edges.