PAuL – Archiving and Logistics for Pathology and Cytology

PAuL is a service of Engelbrecht Medizin- und Labortechnik GmbH. For the safe and appropriate archiving of your microscope slides, paraffin blocks or documents we have a modern high rack system available.

PAuL gives you a reliable overview of your current archiving effort. Furthermore our service can provide you a relief of your rooms and employees.

Step 1:

Proceed collecting and cataloging your material like slides or documents as usual.


The transfer of your record to our IT is made by the document “Abholauftrag”.


You will receive the form “Abholauftrag” and the associated labels by us for every single year.

Step 2:

You move the archiving material at the end of the collecting phase or constantly into the boxes, label and safeguard them with tape.


The taped boxes must not be open by our staff.

Step 3:

The boxes are picked up by our drivers at the agreed time and brought immediately into our warehouse.
We check the boxes for external damage or defects at arrival.


Suitable and separated storage facilities are provided by us, so that we can guarantee the individual bearing of your material.


We operate safety and alarm systems to protect your material against unauthorized intrusion and fire, smoke, vandalism, storm, hail, internal unrest, malicious damage, vehicle impact and supersonic shock waves.


The Access is for authorized personal only.

Step 4

If you need one of your boxes, we identify it with our IT and deliver it to you at the next day.


Furthermore we create a data sheet with all important information about the shipping.


The requested boxes will be collected at the next occasion and then stored till your further demand or disposal.

Useful Downloads

Assembly instruction EcoSlide-Box

Assembly instruction CellNass-Box

Assembly instruction BlocFile and BlocStore7-Box

Assembly instruction BlocStore9

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